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So you're thinking of visiting Boston for a Sounders match? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Chicago. The Windy City. Chi-Tow n. Second City. City of Big Shoulders. Shitcago. No matter what you call it, the pizza is deep and the hotdogs are covered in salad. Oh, and this guy, Michael Hadley, co-owns a tattoo shop with two other ECS Members. It is just a short train ride into the south suburbs. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested in getting tattooed while you are here, our artists are loading up on blue and green pigments, but appointment spots are limited!

Porkopolis. Queen City.  America’s Bavaria. Home to the guy that your wife has a weird crush on (Joe Burrow).  Home of either the best chili you’ve ever had, or the dish that made you question God’s Plan.  Welcome to Cincinnati.

Welcome to the least clicked page on the whole ECS website.  If you are here, you must really like to explore, just like Columbus, am I right?  Right?!  Anybody?!?!

Considering a trip to the “Big D” (Dallas) to support the Sounders? Here’s everything you’ll need to know.

The sunshine is calling! You’ve decided enough is enough with this rain.  It’s time to see blue skies, the ocean and the Sounders without your poncho. Welcome to LA away! Here is all you need to know about traveling to SoCal.

Welcome to the Twin Cities - Minneapolis and Saint Paul are geographically contiguous, and have long lived with a bit of a rivalry.  The common view is that Saint Paul is the last Eastern City and Minneapolis is the first Western city, whatever that means.  At risk of overstating the cases, here are the core differences

Before we even start City Guide : Montréal, go grab your Passport. Go on now, don’t wait around all day. Verify that it is current and that it won’t expire within six (6) months of travel. If not, follow this link to renew.

So you're thinking of visiting Philly for a Sounders match? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

You’re planning on traveling to Salt Lake City with the mighty ECS, here’s some things you’ll need to know while visiting one of the driest state in the union. Also, be aware that if you’re in SLC on a Sunday, mostly everything will be closed. It’s worth noting that Real Salt Lake does not play in Salt Lake City, but in the city of Sandy, Utah. Rio Tinto Stadium is located at 9256 South State, Sandy, UT 84070 and is just south of SLC.